Vibrational Awakening
with Gina & Opra


Step into full resonance with the powerful being that you are 

A ground-breaking program that will allow you to let go of who you never were - and allow your true self to brilliantly shine in your everyday life experience.

Gina, Opra, and Ramona are lovers of life - eager to include anyone and everyone who wishes to access the real source of freedom, love, joy, abundance.

The real source is Source. And that can only be found within you.

This program is designed to help you nurture and strengthen your connection to the Source within you.

Welcome home to you 💜


The Vibrational Awakening Group Coaching Program
is for you if you are craving: 

  • A feedback mechanism to consistently remind you of your inner power and innate wisdom.
  • A deeper understanding of how to apply the teachings of Abraham-Hicks in a practical way.
  • Calibration processes that are extremely effective, fun, and playful.
  • Frequent and sustainable vibrational attunement.
  • A connection with a community of high-vibing, non-judgmental, supportive individuals from all over the world, dedicated to mastering their vibration.
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What can I expect?

An Improved Life Experience

This program provides the wisdom, vibration, and practical processes that allows you to begin experiencing an improved life experience immediately.

In each call, you can expect to increase your ability to:

  • Feel good, feel free, and BE free
  • Reconnect with your knowing of worthiness and well-being
  • Gain clarity on your true desires 
  • Allow your desires to more easily and effortlessly flow into your life experience
  • Identify and release attachments to limiting beliefs and negative emotions
  • Sense, feel, and transform low vibrations to higher vibrations



In addition to meeting 12 times a month for LIVE online calls, you’ll have access to the library of all call recordings which allows you to tap into the energy and message of Opra, Gina and Ramona anytime you want. This allows you to experience the benefits of consistency and momentum with tapping into your vibrational resonance with your higher self. The more you tap into that vibration of your higher self, the more ease and magic you’ll experience in your life.




This is the community you’ve always dreamed of. Filled with non-judgemental, high-vibing, loving, playful people who are in love with the process of mastering the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and creating a delicious life experience. Everyone you watch on these calls will begin to feel like family to you, and you'll have an opportunity to connect with them personally if you so desire.



We meet online via Zoom so no matter where you are in the world, you can tune in to tune up! As a member, you’ll have unlimited access to the group’s past recorded sessions via a convenient app on your phone (Kajabi). Plus the financial accessibility of this program is incomparable—you get 18 hours of live calls with Gina, Opra, and Ramona for only $350 (compared to $9,000 for 12 hours of private sessions).




Each live call is customized and directed to answer the active questions in the group, whether you get in the “hot seat” to ask your question directly or not. Just like in an Abraham-Hicks workshop, the flow of information and vibration provided in these calls will give you the clarity and attunement to the answers to any question you have active at the time.


Calibrations & Processes


While on the calls, you’ll be calibrated to your well-being just by being present. In addition, Gina will be providing Mallison Method calibrations occasionally to hot-seaters - allowing you to follow along with the process yourself in order to release resistance and connect with your inner being while on the call.

Gina, Ramona, and Opra will also be providing loads of information about how you can self-calibrate in-between calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Meet Your Program Facilitators

Gina Mallison

Gina Mallison has been a private client of Ramona & Opra since 2019, and through their guidance, she's become a master of vibrational awareness, attunement, and alignment.

She is a law of attraction coach and conscious channel who has dedicated her life to mastering the teachings of Abraham-Hicks for the benefit of herself and others around her. She is the creator of the Mallison Method which is a powerful calibration process that allows you to easily release resistance and float up the emotional scale, back to your conscious connection with Source.

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Ramona Galey & Opra

Ramona is a Vibrational Mentor who helps Abrahamers and Law of Attraction growth-seekers to raise their vibrations and attract abundance into their lives using the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

Opra is Infinite Intelligence flowed by Ramona Galey. Since 2019, Ramona and Opra have offered private consulting known as Vibrational Mentoring, allowing their clients to have access to answers and a level of vibrational attunement they couldn't access on their own. Gina often refers to Opra as her "own private Abraham" - and now you'll joyfully have access to them as well.

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