Endorsed Mallison Method Coaches

The coaches featured on this page are highly skilled with the Mallison Method process of calibrating their clients to a state of oneness and well-being. Many of them also incorporate other brilliant calibration modalities and tools in their sessions. They have received my whole-hearted endorsement. They possess exquisite skills of understanding, sensing, experiencing, and integrating new levels of vibrational set-points for themselves and everyone they work with.

My recommendation is to explore the list of Mallison Method Practitioners below and feel for who you want to meet with.

Who feels good to you?

Who feels like a match to you?

If you desire a clearer knowing, you can always schedule an initial session with any and/or all of them. Then, you can confidently choose which practitioner you resonate with the most, and go from there.

These practitioners are eager to show you what's possible. Each of them are full of love. Full of compassion. And beyond being masters of this phenomenal tool, they know that All is Well and they are able to verbally and vibrationally communicate that knowing to you, allowing you to more easily connect with your own knowing.

Stephanie Lentini

Stephanie is a natural uplifter who believes that it is our birthright to live a life of freedom and ease. She’s especially passionate about releasing the “shoulds” that we tell ourselves, opening up to a world of possibility. Stephanie’s calming presence will soothe anyone into the knowing that you are perfect just as you are and with deliberate focus, you will begin to experience more satisfaction in your day to day. 

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Amanda Towne

Amanda is an Endorsed Mallison Method Practitioner, Inner Child Facilitator, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTTP), & Certified Master Hypnotist (MHt). She has always been interested in discovering the deeper meaning of life and loves sharing with others how to create a life of freedom, joy and happiness.

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Sheila Williams

Sheila is an intuitive coach who loves to guide people to discover what is possible for themselves. She believes that we all have the ability to create the life we want. Her superpower is offering a new perspective combined with the right tools to magically connect the dots for her clients to experience a life that feels rich, satisfying and full of ease and fun.

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Ania Fields

Ania is a happiness guide who calibrates people to feel better and helps them connect with their Inner Being. Ania combines her training as a Mallison Method Practitioner with her training as an Inner Voice Facilitator in a unique and powerful way to help her clients release unwanted emotions and access their deep inner wisdom where they can find peaceful answers to anything their mind wants to know.

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Monika Burra

Monika is a Transformational Mental Health Therapist and Intuitive Coach. She maximizes the transformative process by utilizing an integrative wellness approach of modalities such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems (connecting the child parts with Self), Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, the Mallison Method of calibration into alignment with Inner Being/Source, and Inner Voice/Inner Wisdom/Intuition Facilitation along with elements of mindfulness/soulfulness, psycho-drama, art and play therapies.

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Rhonda Ryder

Rhonda Ryder is an Alignment coach specializing in Food Freedom, Body Love and Business Coaching. She is the creator of the Delicious Alignment brand, including the book, podcast and group programs. Some of the new thought leaders and authors Rhonda has interviewed throughout her career include Marianne Williamson, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton and seven people from the movie, The Secret. In her former life, Rhonda ran her own successful marketing company for 15 years.

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