Finding Alignment
Video Series

Get access to Gina and Opra's Private 1:1 Sessions

This program gives you access to the recordings of Gina’s private coaching sessions with Opra, dating back to May of 2019.

Nowhere in the world has there ever been an opportunity like this - to observe the behind the scenes details of a person's journey to vibrational mastery in every aspect of their life.

This is best kind of reality television you could ever tune to. 

Authentic. Eye-opening. Uplifting. Healing.

Yes, Please!

Finding Alignment Video Series is for you if
you are eager to: 


  • Expand your curiosity and awareness of what’s possible in your own life, and begin allowing it

  • Discover very specific details about the world of vibration, how it truly affects every aspect of your life experience, and what to do about it

  • Receive soothing about the “wobbles” that you have, soothing about the speed of your own evolution, and soothing by seeing in Gina’s example that all contrast is always for your benefit

  • Release huge amounts of self-judgment by observing Gina’s ability to question herself while receiving a constant flow of unconditional love from Opra/Source

  • Watch Gina question every aspect of her experience in order to allow her magnificent positive evolution - IT’S SO JUICY!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll breathe deeper, and you’ll appreciate yourself and
your life even more than before.



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Meet the Stars of the Show

Gina Mallison

Gina Mallison has been a private client of Ramona & Opra since 2019, and through their guidance, she's become a master of vibrational awareness, attunement, and alignment. 

She is a law of attraction coach and conscious channel who has dedicated her life to mastering the teachings of Abraham-Hicks for the benefit of herself and others around her. She is the creator of the Mallison Method which is a powerful calibration process that allows you to easily release resistance and float up the emotional scale, back to your conscious connection with Source.

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Ramona Galey & Opra

Ramona is a Vibrational Mentor who helps Abrahamers and Law of Attraction growth-seekers to raise their vibrations and attract abundance into their lives using the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

Opra is Infinite Intelligence flowed by Ramona Galey. Since 2019, Ramona and Opra have offered private consulting known as Vibrational Mentoring, allowing their clients to have access to answers and a level of vibrational attunement they couldn't access on their own. Gina often refers to Opra as her "own private Abraham" - and now you'll joyfully have access to them as well.

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