Anything is Possible


Before you read below about what's happened in my life since discovering this magical body of work, I want to point out that these life-giving calibration processes are not about making the physical manifestations happen.

When you make it about the manifestations, that's when it gets all wonky.

The intent with all of this is to learn how to go from a not-so-good feeling place to a better feeling place by releasing resistance and synching up with your own divine personal guidance system - your Inner Being.

Gorgeous manifestations just happen to be the natural "cherry on top" result of being more and more aligned with yourself.

To really let the magic in, it truly is about softening your resistance, allowing yourself to focus on the goodness of you and others, and allowing the conditions in your outer-life to begin to match your improved inner-life, without any effort or struggle on your part to try to change the outside.

In this world of magic and fun, we replace strategy, effort, and struggle - with awareness, intention, synching up with your Inner Being, and allowing the goodness to come to you.

I want to show you what’s possible when you consistently use these tools to release attachments and synch up with your Inner Being.

Because truly ANYTHING is possible when you leverage the incredible power of the universe. It's time to dream big!



Abundance of All Things Began Flowing


When I first found Abraham-Hicks - my life was at its rock-bottom. At age 39, I was broke and felt broken - tens of thousands of dollars in debt, over $6k in monthly expenses, unemployed, single-mom, and weeks away from asking my parents if I could move back in with them.

But then I found the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and quickly became obsessed with learning about the Law of Attraction and vibration. My desire was to become a master of their teachings - and that's exactly what I began doing.

Within a month of practicing deliberate creation through vibrational alignment - abundance of all kinds began pouring out of my vortex and into my life. This list here is just the tip of the iceberg of everything that’s happened:


  • I met the man of my dreams, 3 months later we bought our million-dollar dream home, and a year later we were married.

  • I got a job within 2 days of deciding to get one, promoted 3 months later.
  • I got to permanently retire from “corporate life” in 2017 and focus solely on my passions.

  • In 2019 a dream vacation home landed in our lap - a spectacular waterfront beach house on the San Juan Islands

 Since September 2015, we’ve been on over 90 vacations around the world, here are some of them:

Melbourne & Sydney, Australia | 
Amsterdam, Netherlands | Venice, Italy | Cozumel, MexicoCancun, Mexico | Cabo, Mexico | Prague, Czech Republic | Phuket, Thailand | Barcelona, Spain | Aruba | Dubai, UAE | Belgrade, Serbia | Curaçao | Dominican Republic | Puerto Rico | BarbadosNew York (three times) | Bahamas (twice) | Singapore (twice) | Hong Kong (twice) | Kauai | Maui (twice) | Lake Quinault (six times) | Las Vegas (six times) San Francisco (twice) | Boston (twice)Los Angeles (four times) | Napa Valley (three times) | Santorini, Greece | Amorgos, Greece Miami Beach (six times) | The United Kingdom (seven times)2020 Caribbean Cruise w/Abraham-Hicks | 2021 Alaska Cruise w/Abraham-Hicks2022 Caribbean Cruise w/Abraham-Hicks | 2022 Alaska Cruise w/Abraham-Hicks | 2022 Adriatic Cruise w/Abraham-Hicks | Disneyland | Sedona, Arizona | Palm Springs | La Paz

We’ve been to over 50 incredible concerts & shows: 

Harry Styles | Tori Kelly | Jennifer Lopez | Britney Spears | Katy Perry | Silk Sonic | Taylor Swift | Ali Wong | Adele | Queen | Michael Bublé four times | ColdPlay twice | | Lionel Richie | Jim Jeffries twice | Jim Gaffigan | Book of Mormon| Countless outrageously fun burlesque shows | Phantom of the Opera in London | The Lion King in London | Les Miserables in London | Symphony after symphony | Multiple Straight No Chaser concerts | Multiple Cirque du Soleil shows | Moulin Rouge on Broadway | Hamilton | Mary Poppins in London | Andrea Bocelli | KC & The Sunshine Band | Electric Daisy Carnival

Coming up is Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Beyonce, P!NK, Ed Sheeran, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Jimmy Carr!

We've owned over 24 amazing vehicles:

Hard-top Mercedes | Two Convertible C300 Mercedes | Convertible AMG Mercedes | Convertible Mustang GT| Convertible Jaguar F-Type | Mini Cooper S | Convertible Porsche 718 Boxster | Two 911 4S Convertible Porsches | Two Porsche Cayenne GTSs | Porsche Macan GTS | Volkswagon GTI | Range Rover Sport | Supercharged Range Rover Sport | | Three Triumph motorbikes | Indian Roadmaster motorbike | Ducati motorbike | Two BMW motorbikes | Platinum Ford F-150 + a boat for our beach house 

And here are some highlights of the experiences we’ve had:

Sky-diving in Dubai over Palm Island | Scuba-diving in Bora Bora, Cozumel, Bahamas and Maui | Snorkeling with whales, sharks, rays and turtles | Zip-lining | Whale watching tours |   Helicopter tour to Alaskan Glaciers | Snowmobiling trips | First/Business Class seats on nearly all flights | Helicopter tour of Sedona | Private chartered yacht tours | Seaplane tours | Extreme water-slides at Atlantis in Dubai and Bahamas | Climbing the Sydney Harbor bridge | Champions League football game in Barcelona | Business class on Emirates (epic!) | Camel rides, ATV and sand-dune racing in Dubai | Swimming with Dolphins | Hot-seat with Abraham on the 2021 Alaskan Cruise!

This is ALL just since the late Summer of 2015.


Each story behind every single one of these manifestations is full of serendipity and out of the blue, magical circumstances that leave us in awe with how it all unfolds. It’s been a journey of “surprise and delight” every step of the way.

I no longer use action-based effort, motivation, and strategy to try to create a life of my dreams - instead, I use vibrational awareness, deliberate focus, and emotional alignment to ALLOW the life of my dreams to unfold before me.

I use simple and repeatable processes of calibration and alignment that has drawn all these things and experiences out of my vortex and into my life with ease - and it’s my biggest passion in life to teach others how to do the same!

This is why in 2021 I shifted from only working with individuals in private sessions to now facilitating group coaching and launched a training course to teach these alignment processes to others - it’s my desire for these phenomenal methods of calibration to be known and used by people all around the world.

Would you like to learn how to access your inner magic? I would love for you to join in on the fun. All are welcome.

Watch Gina’s Interview with
 Genevievne Young

Shortly after the 2021 Abraham-Hicks Alaskan Cruise, Genevieve began interviewing “hot-seaters” - and I was one of the lucky ones she chose! One of my favorite quotes from this interview is "I'm worthy enough not to even have to think about something to make it happen." Enjoy! 


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